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Alaska State Hockey


Ben Boeke Ice Arena

Once again, it seems that most have forgotten that when at Ben Boeke, bags can not be left in the locker rooms.  
Ben Boeke  does not have enough locker rooms for all teams to leave their gear in a locker room and still have a place for incoming teams to have a place to dress.
There are signs posted in the locker rooms reminding the skaters of the rules.
As of today, October 15, 2018, teams leaving their gear in the locker room will be fined $50.
This is the only way we can ensure that teams coming into the building has a place to get dressed.

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News from ASHA Goaltender Coordinators

Juneau Goalie Symposium

Steve Thompson and Wylie Rogers flew to Juneau Wednesday January 24th to conduct a coaches symposium for the hockey community.  This symposium was designed to empower non-goalie coaches to learn the position and better help their goaltenders development every day in practice.  

A photo was taken in front of the Mendenhall glacier with some of the participating goalies, along with Steve and Wylie.  USA Hockey wants to get pictures of the GDCs with some of their students that is unique to their affiliate for the USA Hockey Magazine.

Talkeetna Goalie Symposium

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2018/19 handbook

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Pacific District


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USA Hockey


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