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News from Kodiak...  

Hello Carlos, 
I hope you have been well and enjoying the summer!  
We have had some pretty great weather out here on Kodiak, very fortunate for certain, but honestly miss our ice time at the rink, naturally. :)  
I wanted to share that I have taken on a new project with Hockey out here on Kodiak and have joined the Planning Board for the 2nd Annual Kodiak NHL Alumni Youth Hockey Camp and Kodiak Cup Adult Co-Ed Tournament taking place here in Kodiak, AK the weekend of October 12th -14th, 2018.
We have confirmed (14) NHL Alumni, from various NHL Clubs throughout the years, coming to Kodiak and will be on the ice coaching all of our registered camp attendees.  The camp will consist of (3) days, (2) sessions per day and split into two age categories for youth players.  
In addition to coaching the camp, the NHL Alumni will be participating in a best of 3 co-ed adult tournament, playing alongside all of our registered adults for the Kodiak Cup Co-Ed Adult Tournament.
We currently have many players signed up from Kodiak, Anchorage, Healy, Talkeetna and Fairbanks, but I am confident we haven't reached everyone who may be interested.
I was wondering if you would be able to share this opportunity within your contacts among the hockey community?  We want everyone in Alaska to have opportunity to participate in this unique experience to train with the Pros and I thought you may be interested in helping me get the word out?
I invite you to visit our website for more details and registration information at:
If you have any questions or would like to discuss this directly please always feel free to call me at 508-942-7306.
I look forward to hearing back from you.  Take care!
Best regards, 
Amy Richards
Planning Board Member 
Kodiak NHL Alumni Youth Hockey Camp and Kodiak Cup Adult Co-Ed Tournament

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News from ASHA Goaltender Coordinators

juneau Goalie Symposium

Steve Thompson and Wylie Rogers flew to Juneau Wednesday January 24th to conduct a coaches symposium for the hockey community.  This symposium was designed to empower non-goalie coaches to learn the position and better help their goaltenders development every day in practice.  

A photo was taken in front of the Mendenhall glacier with some of the participating goalies, along with Steve and Wylie.  USA Hockey wants to get pictures of the GDCs with some of their students that is unique to their affiliate for the USA Hockey Magazine.

Talkeetna Goalie Symposium

alaska state hockey association

2017/18 handbook

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Pacific District


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